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Osteopathy during Pregnancy

When does a visit to an osteopath during pregnancy make sense?

It would ideal if the mother visits an osteopath before the pregnancy to have a quick check-up and to optimise and prepare the body for the pregnancy.

Osteopathy can also support a mother if her desire to have children is unfulfilled. In this case, visceral osteopathy can be used to support the mobility and function of the female organs e.g. restoring restricted mobility of the ovaries or the uterus, as well as supporting the nerval, arterial and venous supply. However, it can be an advantage if your partner also has an osteopathic check-up to ensure optimal blood circulation in the pelvic region.

Osteopathic therapy can help the mother, throughout the entire pregnancy to improve trimester-dependent symptoms (see:

How can osteopathy support you during your pregnancy?

In a variety of ways, by providing you, as a mother, with holistic support and care during your pregnancy with various osteopathic and alternative treatment principles and methods.

Where experience has shown that osteopathy can provide support during pregnancy:

  • Neck pain

  • Headache

  • Back pain

  • Pelvic pain due to the changed body posture

  • Sciatica

  • Calf cramps

  • Feeling of pressure in the chest and shortness of breath

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome of the hands with tingling and numbness

  • Pregnancy sickness

  • Bloating and constipation

  • Indigestion

  • Heartburn

  • Venous and lymphatic drainage problems and water retention

  • Bladder weakness

  • Mental and spiritual well-being through craniosacral therapy and massage

  • Misposition of the baby

What can I expect at the appointment?

You will be greeted with a warm welcome and offered a selection of different drinks. The beautifully decorated treatment rooms, which are equipped with air-purifying plants and various selected soothing and relaxation-promoting scents, contribute to creating a health-promoting atmosphere. Craniosacral osteopathy can aid in relaxation.

During the 90-minute initial appointment, a detailed anamnesis and examination will be carried out, followed by an osteopathic treatment tailored to you and your current situation. The special pregnancy tables in the practice enable a holistic examination and osteopathic treatment to relieve and support pregnancy-related symptoms. These treatment benches use elastic fabric to ensure that you can lie on your stomach until the end of your pregnancy.

You will receive useful tips and information (regarding stress avoidance, optimising your lifestyle, physical exercises, adapting posture to ever growing baby, micronutrients during pregnancy, etc.) to support the healthy development of your child. Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy should enable you to perceive the pregnancy as a wonderful experience and to contribute to it being a cherishable experience with you and your baby.

In my holistic therapy, the focus is looking at the patient as a whole (body, mind and soul) as well as taking the individual's life circumstances into account. This will allow Mel to create a sustainable and individualised treatment plan which includes both osteopathic principles and techniques.

As a new mom, you are encouraged to carry out demonstrated exercises in order to actively participate in your own healing process and to facilitate your body's self-healing abilities. You and your baby will be in good hands, as Mel regularly attends diverse postgraduate training courses and work closely together with a team of midwives, paediatricians and gynaecologists.

Where can I make an appointment?

To find out more about how Mel can help you as an expectant mother during your pregnancy and support you, book an appointment for a check-up now at:

I hope you enjoyed the post "Osteopathy during pregnancy" and learned something new! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mel!

Thank you for reading!

Your Mel

Pregnant women receiving osteopathic treatment
Pregnant woman receiving osteopathic treatment

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