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In physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, therapeutic measures are carried out on the respective part of the body or joint on the basis of a medical diagnosis. The aim is to eliminate pain, restore mobility and functionality, strengthen muscles and stabilise joints. 

The task of the physiotherapist is to identify the causal structures and to treat them adequately. This requires precise palpation, i.e. touch skills, an extraordinary understanding of the body and human anatomy as well as creativity and specialist knowledge when choosing the therapy method.


The patient also learns exercises to do at home in order to consolidate the treatment procedure and to ensure the long-term success of the therapy.

You can use the following medical prescriptions at PHEOS München:




In physiotherapy, targeted and personalised exercises are prescribed to improve posture, alleviate physical injuries and strengthen muscles post-op.



The aim of manual therapy is to use special hand and mobilisation techniques to increase the joint mobility, reduce muscle tension and stimulate local metabolic processes.


Massage is prescribed to reduce muscle tension and pain. Massage techniques range from rubbing, tapping and kneading the muscles by hand.

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