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Osteopathy for Babies and Children
Babyosteopathin behandelt Baby

PHEOS München in Schwabing would like to provide your child with holistic support in their development and growth spurts, so that they flourish cognitively, mentally and socially and in both gross and fine motor skills, according to their developmental milestones. A well-balanced child brings relief to parents and promotes harmony within the new family unit.

The aim of babies' and children's osteopathy is to treat the little ones with osteopathic principles using therapy methods in a gentle and painless way and to resolve movement restrictions, functional disorders and dysfunctions within the parietal, visceral and craniosacral systems. These disorders can 
arise either in the womb, at birth or due to birth trauma or accidents/injuries etc. The aim of the osteopathic treatment is to promote the health of the baby or child and to activate the self-regulatory and self-healing powers.

Based on experience, Osteopathy can support babies with:

  • Indigestion, bloating, constipation

  • Colic (three-month colic)

  • Increased spitting up (reflux)

  • Difficulty sucking or swallowing (poor drinking)

  • Sleep disorders

  • Restless behaviour, adjustment disorders, cry baby

  • Asymmetry of the cranial bones, deformations of the skull caused by birth

  • Preferred head position to one side, "favourite side"

  • KISS syndrome

  • Postural asymmetries

  • Hyperextension of the head

  • Verdauungsstörungen, Blähungen, Verstopfungen

  • Koliken (Dreimonatskoliken)

  • Verstärktes Spucken (Reflux)

  • Saug- oder Schluckstörungen (Trinkschwäche)

  • Schlafstörungen

  • unruhiges Verhalten, Anpassungsstörungen, Schreibaby

  • Asymmetrie des Schädelknochens, Schädelverformungen durch die Geburt

  • eine einseitige Vorzugshaltung, bevorzugte Kopfhaltung zu einer Seite, "Lieblingsseite"

  • KISS-Syndrom

  • Haltungsasymmetrien

  • Überstreckung des Kopfes

Wo Babyosteopathie erfahrungsgemäß unterstützen kann:

Wo Osteopathie Kinder erfahrungsgemäß unterstützen kann:

Osteopathy can support children, based on experience, with:

  • Headache

  • Lack of concentration


  • Tension and scoliosis

  • Indigestion and abdominal pain

  • Frequent infections and allergies

  • Chronic or recurring middle ear infections

  • Asthma, neurodermatitis, sinusitis

  • Bedwetting

  • Accompanying braces and orthodontic treatments

Wir bitten dich im Vorfeld den Fragebogen auszufüllen und diesen per Mail an zu senden. Das schafft mehr Zeit für die Behandlung und garantiert eine noch individuellere Therapie der Beschwerden deines Kindes. Vielen Dank!

Dein PHEOS München Team - Die Experten für Osteopathie in München Schwabing.

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