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Further methods




In electrotherapy, the tissue is treated with electricity via electrodes. Depending on the setting, this can increase the metabolism, have a muscle-relaxing or stimulating effect and have a positive effect on the healing process


Heat applications with fango or moor heat carriers increase the metabolism, calm the nervous system and relieve cramps.



Cryotherapy refers to the use of ice or cool packs as a therapeutic tool. Cold is used to reduce inflammation, swelling and acute injuries.


Ultrasound is mainly used in the treatment of tendons, bursae and scars. Due to the sound waves, there are no pressure or traction forces, which inhibit inflammation, loosen adhesions, increase metabolism and relax the tissue.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio tapes are elastic bands that are glued to the skin. The tension on the skin can stabilize joints, support or relax muscles and relieve pain points without restricting mobility.

Leuko taping

When taping with Leukoplast adhesive tape, joints are stabilized and mobility is temporarily restricted in order to protect the joint and reduce pain.

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