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Heilpraktik is one of the alternative healing methods and represents an excellent addition to conventional medicine. As the name suggests, Heilpraktik deals with the natural healing process of the human organism.

In Germany, a demanding Heilpraktikerprüfung in written, oral and practical form is carried out by the health department. Only after passing this examination successfully, may one call oneself a Heilpraktiker and thus be allowed to practise as such. At PHEOS München, this specialist knowledge of differential diagnostics (= weighing up the probability of possible diseases based on the existing symptoms) and pathologies is combined with the wealth of knowledge from physiotherapy and osteopathy in order to enable the patient to receive comprehensive therapy.

Heilpraktiker methods can provide relief for many diagnoses in the field of orthopedics, such as herniated discs, back, hip, shoulder or knee problems, internal medicine, gynecology and also in the treatment of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction). 

Heilpraktiker therapy methods used at PHEOS München are:

Stress Medicine

Stressmedizin München

Health Coaching


Gua Sha

This therapy method uses the interaction of the skin with the muscle and connective tissue, the nervous system and the entire organism. Gua Sha can be used for both diagnostics and treatment.


Just like Gua Sha, cupping is one of the therapy methods from classical Chinese medicine. The tissue is lifted by vacuum, the metabolism is increased, detoxification processes are stimulated and adhesions are loosened.


med. Laufanalyse

Running is lifestyle - in the medical running analysis, abnormalities when jogging are determined from head to toe and specific exercises are learned to optimize and increase the efficiency of the running style. 

Naturopathic medicine shelf
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