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Stress Medicine

by Mariella K. Koch



The intervention begins with a detailed analysis of the current situation. This requires a precise documentation of the occupational, family and social circumstances, stressors and resources, which is determined using a questionnaire during the appointment. Depending on the individual's situation, a heart rate variability measurement is carried out over several days to establish the daily behavior and sleep quality. If necessary, laboratory parameters, which are determined via urine and saliva samples, are taken into account in the therapy. 



All results from the appointment, the questionnaire, the heart rate variability measurement and the laboratory examination contribute to the creation of an customised-treatment plan. The therapy strategy can include coaching, orthomolecular medicine and/or osteopathy. 


Sustainable Solutions

The goal is not merely a short-term treatment of symptoms until the next stressful situation, but rather a permanently increased resilience to personal stressors. The balance of the physical stress axes, which includes the nervous system and the stress hormones, also plays an important role. With strategies tailored to the person, sustainable solutions are created that contribute to a self-regulated life. 

Which options are available to me?

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Stress medicine
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