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Our Philosophy

Listen · Analyse · Treat


PHEOS stands for Physiotherapy, Heilpraktik and Osteopathy and symbolises the combination of all three disciplines. The mixture of these enables us to respond individually to each patient and to choose from a wide range of treatments selecting the most promising techniques for the respective complaint.

For this reason, we regularly hold internal training courses to share and refresh our common knowledge and to exchange ideas. "Assembly line work" every 20 minutes and a lack of recovery phases for the therapists leads to a lack of concentration, overworked and unmotivated colleagues, etc., possibly resulting in less effective treatment results. 

The solution:

  • Therapists' buffer times between appointments for documentation and recovery

  • Planning 1.5 hours for the first appointment - this leaves enough time for the first treatment in addition to a precise initial analysis

  • Follow-up appointments of 60 minutes

  • Individual patient care and provision of exercises and assistance for more independence in everyday life

  • Exchange of knowledge between colleagues and with other medical disciplines

  • Regular external further training

  • Secondary work as a lecturer ensures up-to-date medical knowledge and no outdated therapy methods

  • Complimentary, high-quality coffee or tea made from filtered water before and during the treatment to leave everyday stress behind

Healing needs a healthy environment.

The treatment rooms are spacious and furnished to make you feel relaxed. Even the smallest room is larger than 14m² and therefore there is enough space around the therapy table to be able to work comfortably, to demonstrate exercises on the floor and at the table to discuss the next therapy steps.

Fragrance and light also play a role. Ceiling lamps are designed in such a way that they can be dimmed at any time if necessary to avoid glare when lying on your back. Indirect warm light creates a comfortable atmosphere, while soothing and relaxation-inducing scents round off the visit to a small wellness session.

You notice the difference? Then feel free to book your appointment online!

Osteopathie Praxis PHEOS München Schwabing

What's behind it?

Our goal is to create a unique institution where both patients and staff feel comfortable. We are convinced that an effective, goal-oriented and individual therapy is only possible if there is sufficient time for the treatment, therapists are well-rested and a lively exchange takes place both within our interdisciplinary team of therapists and between our network of doctors.

Behandlungsraum Nr. 1 Praxis PHEOS München mit komfortabler Behandlungsbank und Wohlfühlatmosphäre

Our therapy table are extra wide and can be individually adjusted to the needs of the patient - regardless of whether the legs or upper body are raised or the heating mat is needed, with our treatment tables the body can relax and thus create space for healing.

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