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Physiotherapist (m/f/d) wanted!

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Arbeitsbeginn flexibel

  • Can you become who you want to be?

  • Are you and your performance honestly valued and seen?

  • Do you like to get involved in the practice and are you happy when your ideas are heard?

  • Do you have a good team that is fun to work with and that you can rely on?

  • Is the payment right?

  • Do you have buffer times between treatments to document in peace and also just to have a coffee?

  • Do you have enough free time?

  • Would you like to decide for yourself how you treat and on which days?

  • Can you decide when you want to go on vacation?

  • Do you have regular team meetings and internal training?

  • Do you like having a small practice dog around you?

  • Are the treatment rooms big enough?

  • Do you look forward to going to work?


For the perfect job, you should be able to answer all questions with YES!


For a long time, I treated patients in 20-minute intervals and accumulated many overtime hours, some of which were neither appreciated nor financially compensated. However, we are of the opinion that high-quality treatments, therapeutic motivation and satisfied patients are only possible if the therapist is well-balanced and relaxed as well as encouraged and, above all, valued.

Therefore we offer you at PHEOS Munich:

  • Honest appreciation

  • Individual promotion of your interests and abilities

  • Opportunities for specialisation

  • Performance-related payment, various options for salary optimisation

  • Independent therapy planning and implementation according to YOUR specialist expertise

  • 15-minute buffer times between treatments

  • Treatment duration of at least 30 minutes, usually 60 minutes

  • Digital documentation instead of paperwork (with a pen, no "10-finger system" necessary)

  • Central location

  • Monthly internal training

  • Regular team meetings and 1:1 talks - no meetings "between door and hinge"

  • Spacious employee area with a fully-equipped kitchen for use during breaks and before and after working hours

  • Large treatment rooms with flair - at least 14m² 

  • Premium treatment tables made of wood from Relax Sensation with electrical operation and heat pads in all rooms

  • Latest electrotherapy device with ultrasound and cupping function

  • Staff shower

  • Wellpass membership option (formerly Qualitrain)


Does this resonate with you? If you love your chosen career, treat your patients with passion and want to develop yourself personally and therapeutically, then apply to PHEOS Munich! We look forward to meeting you!

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